Nicki Rodriguez

Avatar BoxHuman | June 3, 2020

Nicki Rodriguez

“Overcoming many challenges hasn’t been easy, but now I empower women to do the same” – Nicki Rodriguez


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We at BoxHuman are passionate about highlighting and celebrating inspiring humans; especially the ones who are inspiring, helping, and bringing light to the world. We do this in order to rebalance some of the negative messages we often hear, see, and receive on a daily basis. We met up quickly with one of these amazing individuals…

Hi Nicki, it’s so good to meet you. Thank you for taking part in our BoxHuman quick inspire questions. Let’s dive right in! Can you please tell me a little bit about you?
Hi, my name is Nicki Rodriguez. I am 43 and I live in Brentwood in Essex with my two children.

A perfect intro Nicki! Can you please tell us…How and why did you become a PR expert and Interior Designer – What inspired you to do both of these things?

I started my career in interior design some eighteen years ago. This came about when I was pregnant with my daughter and I used to watch a lot of ‘House Doctor’ programmes. I studied at open university when she was born and qualified as an Interior Designer. I began making over homes when my daughter’s dad was a professional footballer, this allowed me to be able to revamp teammates’ houses. I then decided to set up LHR Interior Design this year and become the Essex ‘House Dolly’.

My PR career started some three years ago when I was headhunted by a London PR company where they saw the work that I did voluntarily for an autism charity. My youngest child is autistic hence why I worked for the charity. After realising I had a unique gift for PR and the coaching of my good friend, Steven Smith, I decided to take the plunge and set up my own PR business and be my own boss.

Wow, what an interesting and inspiring way to start your career in PR and Design. So what would your say is your proudest moment you’ve experienced and achieved in your career so far and why?

In interior design, I love seeing the look on my client’s face and the reactions when they see what I have done to their homes. The proudest moment in my PR career is when I see my client’s progression with the work I have done for them and also now being recognised as being good at what I do.



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As with life and being your own boss there can be ups and downs. Can you please kindly tell us about any hurdles and challenges you’ve faced when setting up your PR firm and Interior Design business and why do you think this happened?

So far with my interior company, I’ve had no challenges as I am ‘niche’ and unique at what I do. Nobody can copy me as I have my own style.

PR – lots!! I have learned not to have business partners as I end up doing all the work or being used. I am lucky to have a great mentor in Steven Smith as he guides me wisely! I’ve also learned in this industry to not think that everyone is your friend and on the same page as you.



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Thank you, for sharing that insight, Nicki. With the positivity flowing, I think its the perfect time to start our quick ‘ fire’ inspire questions, so let’s begin…

1) What would you say you’ve learned from all of these challenges?

2) Would you have done anything differently and why?

3) Can you please give x3 expert PR tips someone should know if they were going to do their own PR?

I have learned to now trust my gut instinct and to also listen to those around me who have my best interest at heart. I wish I had done this last year but you live and learn.

My three tips to do your own PR would be:

  1. Contact the right people with your own ideas of how you want to be profiled.
  2. Don’t give too much away without it being on a contract, your idea, and your pitch.
  3. Be very grounded and know what you want to achieve by promoting yourself.

Some great advice! I’m sure that budding self-publicists would be grateful for those tips! Can we please now ask…What do you think people should learn or take from your story?

I feel that people should remember to not wear rose-tinted spectacles for one, to know that what other people say or think of you are just opinions, and to go with your gut instinct.

Is there a particular moment or memory that inspires you? What happened and why?

I think when I am praised for how good I am for thinking outside the box when it comes to promoting a business or idea by those who understand what PR is, is something that inspires me.

With all the inspiring things I’ve heard already, I think it’s a good time to do our last set of BoxHuman Inspire questions. So without further ado, let’s go…

1) What inspires you on a daily basis and why?

2) What is your favourite quote?

3) What person inspires you and why?

To be honest, my children especially my son Harrison inspire me. I have been on one amazing challenging autism journey with him. He is an inspiration as well as my partner Ray. He always motivates me to do what I do.

My favourite quote has to be one that Ray and I use daily at the moment, inspired by Steven Smith (ex celebrity hairdresser and PR Guru)

“Smile and Wave” – Steven Smith

And lastly…A BoxHuman is an empowered individual. They will not be defined by society’s labels. They show the better qualities of humankind, such as strength, kindness, and inspiration. Can you please tell us what makes you a BoxHuman?

I feel I am a BoxHuman because I have overcome many difficult situations, challenges, and hurdles, and I now empower women that you can be a Mum and be successful too.

“Thank you, Nicki”

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