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Kayne Harrison VoiceOver and Actor

“Acting initially wasn’t taking off for me, but now my voice is heard by millions!”  – Kayne Harrison


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We at BoxHuman are passionate about highlighting and celebrating inspiring humans; especially the ones who are inspiring, helping, and bringing light to the world. We do this to rebalance some of the negative messages we often hear, see, and receive daily. We met up quickly with one of these amazing individuals…

Hi Kanye, thank you for taking the time to talk to us today. Let’s start by getting to know you…Can you please tell me who you are and what you do?

Hey Boxhuman, I’m Kayne, not Kanye, but don’t worry everyone spells it or says it like Kanye at first. LOL. I am an Actor, VoiceOver, and business owner. I’m mainly known for being the voice of Capital FM the UK’s number one hit music station. I also voice for brands and businesses globally. I am slowly building my acting career, seeking interesting roles, and currently working on two screenplays with fresh new writers. The goal for that is to team up with a producer and studio.

One of my businesses is The Voice Finder, a platform designed to bridge the gap between producers and VoiceOver talent. The platform allows producers or anyone needing voiceover talent to source and hires them directly.

Oh no, I said Kanye instead of Kayne! Thank you for correcting me (Hides face and laughs). So, KAYNE  that was a great introduction. Can you please tell us – How your inspiring story of becoming a voiceover and actor began?  What inspired you to do this and why?

My first step into this world began on the BBC. I was 17/18 and I put on a suit, walked into the BBC, and asked for a job. I was of course told by the receptionist to apply online and that nothing was available right now. This is where life is all about timing and being prepared.

There is this great saying ‘You know what luck is? It’s when time and preparation meet’. In that sense I was lucky because at the same time I was asking for a job, one of the heads of the BBC was in reception on the phone and overheard, me, this kid asking for a job.

As I am leaving the building, actually outside the building and around the corner, this guy grabs my attention, introduces himself, and passes me his business card telling me to call him next week. Anyway, to cut the story short, I landed up working the broadcast journalist team for a few weeks on TV stuff and then worked as an assistant radio producer on mid-morning breakfast show…I loved it!

Being an actor was always something I wanted to do, but for various reasons, I never went to acting school, but it is funny how things turn out because now I am acting and learning every day.  I think the key thing for any actor is observation, I can learn tons by observing behaviour. I’ve been blessed to work with some great people over the years, but I still have so much more to learn and achieve as an actor.

At first, acting wasn’t taking off for me like how I wanted. Role after role was falling through and I think I lost momentum, however, an opportunity was right in front of me, Voiceovers. I made a showreel and sent it to some audio producers I knew. Within my first week landed a paid gig, by the end of my first month I had around five jobs all paid and dealt with the clients directly, I knew I was on the right path.

Wow, that’s a very interesting way to start your career! Not only does it show that age shouldn’t deter you from going out and making your dreams come true. It’s also very inspiring to hear how great things can happen when you least expect it. What would you say is your proudest achievement so far within your career and why? and…What advice would you give to someone pursuing a voiceover or acting career?

For Acting: Proudest achievement was a few weeks ago being asked to audition for a big Hollywood film. I didn’t get the role it has gone to a better-known name, however, to even get the call to do an audition! That is a win in my book and puts me one step closer to the realisation of the goal.

For VoiceOver: Hands down landing the Capital FM role. It was a long process of auditions and finding the style voice they wanted for the brand, but to be involved with such a well respected and known brand in the UK is amazing. Millions of people every day hear my voice. I’m just a normal guy, who has hustled his way, working hard, so to voice for something as big as Capital FM is humbling & a privilege. Also voicing for a top station in Dubai, though I have never visited yet… My voice is already heard every day by millions, that is kind of cool.

Advice: You have to make things happen. Stay focused. Always keep moving forward. Surround yourself with the right kind of people that can motivate and inspire you. Read as much as you can. This applies to acting, VoiceOver and business, and life in general.

Congratulations on your achievements Kayne, we totally agree that your audition and Capital FM are BIG wins! Thank you for the great advice too. Can you please tell us all about your new platform, Voice Finder UK. What is it all about and what inspired you to start this?

The Voice Finder was born due to a need to bridge the gap between VoiceOver talent and audio producers. When voiceovers are starting out it can be challenging to find clients. Like any new business you have to advertise to gain attention and that’s how The Voice Finder helps, it is an advertising platform for voiceovers to utilise. The keys features of The Voice Finder is its affordability, it offers an affordable monthly or annual subscription and is a great tool to use in your business as a VoiceOver. For producers or anyone seeking VoiceOver talent perhaps for audiobooks, tv commercials, or radio podcasts, it is brilliant as they can browse the talent listed, listen to showreels, connect with them on social media and then ultimately if they like the voice get in contact and hire them directly. I wanted to start the platform because I felt there was a gap in the market for a listing site specialising in voice talent that wasn’t expensive to sign up too. Keeping things simple for both parties involved.

As with working life, there can be some great highs and some challenging lows. What challenges have you faced since working as a voiceover and actor, and how have you overcome these challenges?

Learning to deal with rejection is key to success, you have to treat every failure as just another step closer to success. One of the challenges I have faced in the industry is people’s understanding of me being mixed race, it seems that in some cases it makes people uneasy.

I have heard things such as ‘he’s too black’ or ‘he’s not black enough’. If you believe in yourself and you move forward, you don’t let that pull you down.

Thank you Kayne for being so open and sharing that with us.  With everything being highlighted in the world right now, it is very important that this is all addressed and brought to light. That is why change must happen! I understand that you’ve worked with students. What inspires you to do this and what would you like for them to learn from you?

I have given a few talks to students in media in the past. It is a small way I can help inspire them. It doesn’t matter where you are from or your background you can achieve, you can overcome and be the success you want to be. I want them to learn that I started with nothing, I’m from a single-parent home…but it doesn’t matter where you start only where you end.

What brilliant advice! You’ve inspired me and I’m an adult, thank you! I think it’s a good time to start my BoxHuman Inspire questions. So without further ado, let’s go…

1) What is the most inspiring thing someone has said or done for you?

2) What would you like to achieve next and in the future and why?

1) Tough question, I have had many moments where individuals have supported me and inspired me. In fact on a daily basis, people inspire me. One guy that stands out is the Author & Investor Robbie Burns who I am pleased to say is a dear friend, he has helped me in so many ways when it comes to business and the mindset needed to succeed. He has been extremely generous with his time and knowledge.

2) Achieve (Next) – Work with Christoper Nolan in one of his films (Future) Voice a Disney Character (Future) The Voice Finder to hold a stronger presence across America. (Why) Simple… Why not? Life is for achieving, doing, and succeeding.

And to finish our inspire questions…”We believe that sharing inspiring words can inspire others.”

3) What inspires you on a daily basis and why?

4) If you were to say something to empower and inspire someone else what would it be?


Reading is where I can always find inspiration. The more I read, the more I know, the deeper my understanding of the world grows.

To empower anyone I would say – You have to find the confidence within yourself to make things happen.

And finally…BoxHuman is an empowered individual. They will not be defined by society’s labels. They show the better qualities of humankind, such as strength, kindness, and inspiration. Can you please tell us what makes you a BoxHuman?

I never give up. I always aspire.

“Thank you, Kayne.”

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