How to Work From Home: 16 ways to stay productive and motivated

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How to Work From Home: 16 ways to stay empowered, productive and motivated.

How to Work From Home. With Boris Johnson and the UK Government recently announcing that people should now be working from home where possible in a bid to contain the ongoing UK coronavirus outbreak.

People who are now working from home because of the coronavirus are faced with even more new challenges. If you haven’t already seen the hashtags ‘trending’ on social media like #stayathome, #workingfromhome. Many individuals are already having to adjust to working differently. We thought that we’d help individuals adjust to this ‘new-life’ with a list of 15 ways to stay calm and motivated while working from home. We hope that this list of great work-at-home tips and tricks from us here at BoxHuman will get you through this time.

1 – Start the day with positive affirmations. 

How to Work From Home - Affirmations

In order to stay motivated and uplifted,  it would be good if you first started with some gratitude. Positive affirmations and gratitude can help to bring peace, calm and inner strength to oneself when consciously or sub-consciously dealing with difficult or new changes.

2 Watch a quick motivational video.

Yes, watching something positive actually leaves a good feeling. This in turn signals the ‘good-vibes’ within our brains. Starting the day with uplifting or positive videos can help with your motivation and can in turn get us feel that a good-day is going to happen.

3 Get up and get dressed like normal.

How to Work From Home

In order to stay motivated and ‘normal’ at home it is important to get up as usual. Start the day exactly as you would if you were to leave to go into the office. Yes, that means getting washed and dressed and ready to start the day at the same time you would have been at your desk.

4 – Stay connected with work and your colleagues.

How to Work From Home - Stay connected

If you haven’t already established how you are going to communicate with your work place and your colleagues, do so. Staying in contact with people will reduce the feeling of isolation and will keep you feeling as if nothing much as changed.

5 – Structure your day and keep to it.

How to Work From Home - Planning

In order to stay productive structuring your day is important. Make sure that you stay on schedule and keep track of what you are doing throughout the entire day. If you have an online calendar great, if not, use your smartphone and create personal events and reminders that tell you when and what you need to do.

6 – Choose a dedicated space.

How to Work From Home - Dedicated Space

Dedicate a space within your house to work from. Keep this space clean and clear of any distractions. If you have a space away from the sofa, that’s even better. While working from home try to keep this space dedicated only to working. By working from this space everyday it will keep your mind focused on work and not being at home.

7 – Work in short bursts.

How to Work From Home - Short Bursts

Working at home can have its challenges for some people. In the office your day is often broken up by everything from meetings, lunch breaks to multiple toilet breaks. However, when you are sat at home on your own with no face-to-face interaction you’ll tend to work uninterrupted for longer periods. Make sure that you stop regularly, you can help to do this by setting regular alarms on your phone to notify you.

8 – No social media.

It’s simple, social media can be a massive distraction. To avoid being distracted log out of every account. This ensures that you stay signed out of all your accounts until your work is finished. Try if possible to not go onto social media until the end of the day, so try to even avoid going on it on your breaks.

9 – Work with more quality in mind.

How to Work From Home - Quality

Use this time to see if you can get ahead of yourself. Get tasks finished and submitted more quickly. Look at ways you can be more productive and find out ways you can improve your overall effectiveness and quality within your work.

10 – Personal Development, extend it.

Want to climb the ladder? Want to change roles or be more recognised? Use this time to develop yourself with certain areas. Start looking at completing quick personal developed courses that can either extend your knowledge and skills in order to move you to the next level more quicker. Check out our free BoxHuman Classes for help with this.

11 – Find your most productive assets.

Everyone has certain times and ways they feel the most productive, so find yours. Whether that is working on the most complicated tasks in the morning when you are most alert or leaving your most quicker tasks to the end of the day. Find what works from you by ‘jotting’ down what works best for you and apply this to the structure of your day.

12 – Remember to eat and drink regularly.

Staying hydrated and eating properly is essential. Ensure that you are setting aside your ‘normal’ eating times and make sure that these times do not include working over the computer/laptop. Eating and drinking regularly will not only keep your energy levels up, but they will also keep you from reaching for the biscuit tins too.

13 – Choose your work times.

It is extremely important to have clear work-home boundaries. To make sure that you know when to shut off, determine your start and finishing times and keep to it!

14 – Remind family and friends that you are working.

We know how easy it is for friends and family to forget that you are actually working. Send out messages (don’t forget to make them nice) to everyone letting them know that you will be operating in the same way so your phone will be off until break times. Setting these clear boundaries will stop all the unnecessary ‘tea sessions’ that will distract you from working.

15 – Plan out your day, the day before.

To keep you ahead of yourself or at least on track, plan a day ahead. Planning a day ahead will keep you on track, which in turns commits you to completing the tasks that you’ve laid out.

16 – Plan your meals for the week.

Working from home can take its toll especially if you’ve never done it before. Plan and even cook your meals in advance to reduce the stress of knowing what to cook and eat.

For more wellbeing tips check out the BoxHuman Wellbeing Zone

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