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Quick Inspire with: Emily Barclay

We at BoxHuman take time to celebrate humans who are inspiring, helping and bringing light within the world. We do this in order to rebalance some of the negative messages we often hear, see and receive on a daily basis. We met up quickly with one of these amazing individuals…

Hi Emily, it’s so good to meet you. Thank you for taking part in our BoxHuman quick inspire questions. Let’s dive right in! Question 1. Can you please tell us a little bit about you and what you do?

Hi, I’m Emily and I’m a skier and dog lover. I live in Norfolk with my partner and our six dogs. I run a website supporting women in perimenopause, called perimenopausehub.com and I also have a dog walking business and I am a personal trainer.

Brilliant intro! What a great start! 

Question 2. As someone who is not really informed on the subject of perimenopause. I would really like to know what it is and how and why did you start Perimenopause Hub – What inspired you to do this and why?

I started experiencing horrible fatigue and unexplained weight gain (among other symptoms) when I was about thirty nine. For a few years I was back and forth to the Dr, and finally this year (I’m now fourty-three) the Dr and I agreed my symptoms were most likely perimenopause…

Obviously when I got home I googled and I was surprised to discover that every online resource about perimenopause only seemed to mention it in passing before talking about menopause. Yet, peri can last up to about ten years while women’s hormone levels are changing and they are still having periods. It annoyed me disproportionately that there didn’t seem to be anything for those of us who were experiencing the symptoms but still have periods, so I figured I could whinge about it or I could set something up!

WOW! I’ve certainly learned something new today and I’m sure people who read this will feel the exact same! Okay so let’s move onto Question 3. I’m so intrigued and interested in finding out what you’ve learned from working with the women in Perimenopause Hub. How this has changed your outlook on life?

Oh wow. So much!

I have a panel of experts on the Hub from across the world, and I learn something new from them every single day. And then in the FB group perimenopausal women share really personal stuff and it’s a real honour to be able to put them in touch with the best experts and see them start to understand their symptoms. It sounds cheesy, but since setting this up, I have found my purpose in life 🙂

“I believe everyone deserves to be treated with kindness. You just never know what is going on behind the scenes.” – Emily Barclay

At BoxHuman we believe in the power of positive messages. Knowing this, let’s start Question 4. What would you say is the most inspiring story you’ve ever heard or witnessed through the hub?

No one story, but seeing women who have made huge changes in their perimenopause to make their life better. Whether it’s the ladies in the group or the experts, I have learnt that this is a time of life when we can streamline things and change what isn’t serving us, so we have an epic second half of life.

Very true!! Can we please now ask…Question 5. What do you think people should learn or take from your own inspiring story?

It is very easy to get bogged down in feeling rubbish, and let life get on top of you, but actually there is always a positive to take from it. And when the universe decides you’re on the right track, it sends you some amazing stuff. I couldn’t tell you how the experts have come into my life, but they have, and I’ve met some absolutely inspiring women along the way.

And we’ve met another inspiring woman by meeting you! While we’re talking about inspiration shall we start Question 6. If there was one positive thing you would say to someone to inspire and empower them what would it be and why?

Every negative thing that happens in your life happens for a reason. Sometimes it isn’t easy to see the reason immediately, but it’s always there. And when you look back you will see why your path had to change.

Such amazing advice to know and remember. We’re nearly finished but before we do the last question let’s do Question 7. What inspires you on a daily basis and why?

My dogs. They come from rubbish rescue backgrounds and have worked hard to learn to trust humans again. Now they are always happy.

And last but not least Question 8…A BoxHuman is an empowered individual. They will not be defined by society’s labels. They show the better qualities of humankind, such as strength, kindness and inspiration. Can you please tell us what makes you a BoxHuman? 

Everything you’ve said in this statement! I don’t go with societal labels, and I believe everyone deserves to be treated with kindness. You just never know what is going on behind the scenes.

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